The story of Ebyte and DIAN Racing

Since its establishment, Ebyte has had a mission: to be a good citizen of China and make contributions to society within our capacity.  In addition to continuing to do public welfare activities to help the society and protect the ecological environment, we have also been actively involved in projects supporting technological innovation of college students. Today, let's talk about the origin of DIAN Racing team in Tongji University.

1, DIAN Racing

亿佰特 与 DIAN Racing 的故事

DIAN Racing team is a college student pure electric Racing team in tongji university, aiming to cultivate and exercise students' ability of organization and management, business planning and operation, technical innovation and practice, so as to build high-performance electric Racing team, participate in FSAE competitions at home and abroad and strive for excellent results.

亿佰特 与 DIAN Racing 的故事3

2、Ebyte与 DIAN

Formula SAE/ Formula Student is the world's top student-level Formula car race.

One of them is the Formula Student electric-fse, a booming emerging racing program, which is called the world university Formula e competition. The competition is divided into static events and dynamic events, including linear acceleration test, 8-word surround test, high-speed obstacle avoidance test, endurance test and efficiency test.

亿佰特 与 DIAN Racing 的故事1

In order to achieve better results, DIAN Racing team independently developed a high-precision timer and established the corresponding test database for each driver, so that the drivers can make progress together in the competition.

亿佰特 与 DIAN Racing 的故事2

Wireless module plays a crucial role in the data transmission of this high-precision timer. As a high-tech enterprise focusing on the Internet of things communication, Ebyte has obtained a number of patents, FCC/CE/RoHs and other certifications, and owns hundreds of independently developed products.


Ebyte carefully provided various optional wireless modules for the team of Tongji University DIAN, and finally the team adopted the product e32-433t30d. E32-433t30d adopts the SX1278 chip scheme, and the transmission power is only 1W. Advanced LoRa spread spectrum technology, testing distance 8000 meters, SMD small volume, with FEC forward error correction, strong anti-interference ability.

亿佰特 与 DIAN Racing 的故事4

Through the computer test and later trial analysis of DIAN Racing team, it is proved that e32-433t30d wireless module of Ebyte has many advantages, such as long communication distance, accurate data transmission, stable signal and low energy consumption.

3. DIAN honors in recent years

2016 formula one Chinese university student car race

Best powertrain first, efficiency test second, racing design third, durability third, engine speed racing engineer second prize, and total domestic third.

The 2017 formula student car race in Japan

First place in linear acceleration, second place in eight-character tram group, second place in high-evading tram group, fourth place in commercial marketing report tram, and fourth place in overall tram performance.

Formula one 2017 Chinese college student car race

Car design first, marketing report first, high-speed third obstacle avoidance, wei to best city for the second place, way to best powertrain first, easy car innovation award, the column "award for the best application BMS" first, the column "BMS battery box design", HONDA first prize for the first prize, MathWorks vehicle dynamics simulation for the first prize.

Japanese formula university 2018

Third place in design report, third place in efficiency competition, second place in total score of electric vehicle group, first place in best battery box design, second place in best electrical system.

DIAN Racing 的荣誉

4  Create brilliant

Thanks for the trust of DIAN team of Tongji University for many years. Let us have the opportunity to support you all the time, to support college students' innovation in science and technology. In the future, chengdu Ebyte and DIAN Racing will continue to work together, and DIAN Racing will use Ebyte Racing's products to improve the whole vehicle's wireless data collection system. Both sides can go forward together and create resplendence in the future.