[Bluetooth 5.0 module] Bluetooth packet length adjustable, dynamic transmit power, high-speed continuous transmission

  E104-BT5032A Product Overview


  1.1 Introduction

  E104-BT5032A is a serial-to-BLE Bluetooth master-slave integrated module based on Bluetooth protocol version 5.0. It has a small size and low power consumption, and works in the 2.4GHz frequency band. E104-BT5032A module is developed by Chengdu Yibaite Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. based on NORDIC nRF52832 chip. This module uses general AT commands to set parameters, and the operation is simple and fast. The module only supports Bluetooth master, slave, and observer modes. The module supports low-power broadcasting, data transparent transmission, and air configuration. The module can be widely used in smart wear, home automation, home security, personal health care, smart appliances, accessories and remote control, automotive, lighting, industrial internet, intelligent data collection, intelligent control and other fields. The maximum supported continuous transmission baud rate is 921600bps.

  1.2 Features

  1. Support Bluetooth BLE 5.0 protocol;

  2. Supports adjustable Bluetooth packet length;

  3. Support two working modes of configuration and transparent transmission;

  4. Support auto-broadcast when connected, automatic connection;

  5. Support IBeacon and ordinary broadcast switching;

  6. Support serial port wake-up;

  7. Support MAC binding connection;

  8. Support serial port transparent and format transmission;

  9. Support multiple serial port modes and baud rates;

  10. Supports custom 16-bit UUID and 128-bit UUID; comes with PCB onboard antenna, no external antenna required;

  11. Support Bluetooth parameter air configuration function; the maximum communication distance is 70m (@ 4dBm, 2Mbps);

  12, support ultra-low power sleep, synchronous broadcast;

  13.Support MAC address binding, the maximum binding data is 8 devices;

  14. Support two connection modes: manual connection and automatic connection;

  15. Supports one master and multiple slaves, and the maximum connection data is 4 slaves;

  16.Support dynamic modification of transmit power, the maximum emission is 4dBm;

  17. Support sniffing function, the maximum MTU is 247bytes;

  18. Support 2M, 1M airspeed; continuous transmission rate reaches 921600bps.

  1.3 application scenarios

  1.Wireless meter reading and wireless sensing

  2.Smart home

  3.Industrial remote control and telemetry

  4.Intelligent buildings, intelligent buildings

  5.Automatic data collection

  6. Health sensor

  7.Smart wearable devices

  8.Intelligent robot

  9.Wireless sensing

  10.Electronic label

  11.Intelligent control

  E104-BT5032A specifications

  2.1 Limit parameters0

  2.2 Working parameters

0 (1)

  E104-BT5032A mechanical dimensions

  E104-BT5032A recommended connection

0 (1)

  E104-BT5032A function description

  Role description

  The module supports three roles: master, slave, and observer.

  The host supports connection to other models of our company's Bluetooth products. When the module is used as a master, a maximum of 4 slaves can be connected. Support transparent transmission broadcast and format transmission. Support manual and automatic connection.

  This module slave can be connected with other models of our company's Bluetooth products, and only supports one connection. The slave only supports transparent transmission. The observer is only used to print the ble device broadcast information around the module, and cannot be connected.

  Power mode

  The module supports two power modes: low-power mode and wake-up mode.

  Data transmission mode

  The module supports two data transmission modes: data transparent transmission and format transmission.

  MAC address binding

  The module supports MAC address binding. If MAC address binding is enabled. The device is only connected to the added MAC address device.


  Broadcast information includes advertising and scan respone. Advertising is a broadcast message sent actively, and scan respone is a broadcast message returned after receiving a host scan request.


  The module supports two configuration methods: serial configuration and air configuration.