SVIAZ 2019


The 2019 Moscow International Exhibition for Information and Communications Technology began at the Expocentre Exhibition Center on April 23, 2019. The 4-day exhibition welcomes professional communication and computer network manufacturers and service providers from all over the world.


Moscow international convention and exhibition center, Russia

The exhibition covers business applications, enterprise applications, communication equipment and network services, digital equipment and systems. As a company specializing in wireless data acquisition and transmission, Ebyte products are applied to all types of wireless transmission services.


SVIAZ is the largest professional communication and information technology exhibition in Russia and the CIS region. It is a display platform for professional communication and computer network manufacturers and service providers. Since it was first held in 1991, the exhibition has been successfully held for 30 times, supported by the Russian ministry of information. The exhibition area is over 12,000 square meters.


The exhibition focuses on communication technology, radio and television, and IT perspectives. During this period, manufacturers and service providers from all over the world gathered together. Mobile Telesystems, Radio Frequency centercentral Federal Area, etc. All have booths, and the international well -  known exhibitors include wistar group from Germany, agilent corporation from the United States, NEC from Japan, ascom, INTELSAT and so on. As a long -  term cooperation exhibitor, Ebyte has been placed on the official brochure homepage, which makes Ebyte feel honored.

展会官方宣传手册手册 亿佰特位居首页

The official publicity manual of the exhibition is on the first page

This is not the first time the company has attended the exhibition. Ebyte always believes that the exhibition can provide a more direct understanding of the development of products in Russia and even the world and the specific market demand, which is conducive to improving the technical content of products, adjusting and improving the structure of products, laying a foundation for the production of high -  quality products, and providing guidance for the normal export. In addition, it enables Ebyte to know more about the needs of customers and better provide data transmission solutions suitable for customers. The organizer also provides a good platform for communication and computer network manufacturers.


Chip display rack

All our exhibition products are based on the research and development and manufacturing of Ebyte. It has been widely used in the Internet of things, consumer electronics, industrial control, medical care, security alarm, field acquisition, smart home, highway, property management, water and electrical meter reading, power monitoring, environmental monitoring and other application scenarios. We also provide customers with their own wireless transmission solutions and improve the after-sales system.


Ebyte products display

In the four -  day exhibition, Ebyte staff reached the intention of foreign trade cooperation with a number of overseas enterprises, felt the enthusiasm of customers and equipment manufacturers from all over the world, learned and communicated together, and displayed the most sophisticated products in the field of communication, as well as the products and services developed for the Russian region.展会现场

The exhibition scene