Common problem

Common problem

Common problem
  • 1What is a wireless serial port module?

    Simply speaking, it is a module that can communicate wirelessly through a serial port. It is generally composed of a wireless transceiver chip and a single-chip microcomputer with a serial port;

    Users can complete the development of wireless communication products as long as they understand serial port communication, and do not need to understand complicated wireless communication knowledge;

    The most intuitive advantage of the serial port module is to replace the wired serial port, which does not require construction and wiring, greatly saves material and labor costs, and is easy to install, so it can be widely used in various industries.


  • 2What is FEC forward error correction?

    Forward error correction is also called forward error correction code (Forward Error Correction, FEC for short), which is a method to increase the credibility of data communication.

    In a one-way communication channel, once an error is discovered, its receiver will not have the right to request transmission.

    FEC is a method of using data to transmit redundant information. When an error occurs during transmission, the receiver will be allowed to reconstruct the data.


  • 3What is LoRa spread spectrum technology?

    LoRa is a new ultra-long-range low-power data transmission technology developed by Semtech based on sub-1GHz.

    This technology uses a special spread spectrum modulation technology, which greatly improves the performance of the physical layer communication, and its power saving ability has been significantly improved compared to GSM and traditional Sub-GHz technology.

    LoRa uses a special spread-spectrum technique, which allows terminals with different spread-spectrum sequences to transmit simultaneously using the same frequency without interfering with each other.

    The concentrator / gateway developed on this basis can receive and process data from multiple nodes in parallel, greatly expanding the system capacity.

    The ranging and positioning functions based on this technology will promote its large-scale application in the field of Internet of Things.


  • 4What is full-duplex?

    Full-duplex is a separate method for the transmission line and the reception line, which allows data to be transmitted simultaneously in both directions.

    Refers to the ability to receive data while sending data, and the two are synchronized. This is like we usually make a phone call, and we can hear the other party's voice while speaking.


  • 5What is narrowband transmission?

    Narrowband transmission power density is higher than ordinary communication power density, and the transmission distance is more than twice.


  • 6What is air wake?

    That is, the low power consumption function of the wireless module is suitable for battery-powered application scenarios.

    The transmitting module is in the wake-up mode. When transmitting data, it comes with a wake-up code to wake up the receiving module in the power-saving mode.

    The receiving module (battery-powered) is in power-saving mode, with an average uA level operating current (reception response time can be set, the longer the time, the lower the power consumption).


  • 7What is strong penetration?

    The lower the carrier frequency of the wireless module, the longer the wavelength, the stronger the penetration and diffraction ability, which is suitable for complex application environments with many obstacles.


  • 8What is automatic frequency hopping?

    The frequency hopping technology is adopted to ensure the confidentiality and anti-interference of the communication.

    Compared with fixed frequency communication, frequency hopping communication is more subtle and difficult to be intercepted.

    As long as the other party does not know the law of carrier frequency hopping, it is difficult to intercept our communications.

    At the same time, frequency hopping communication also has good anti-interference ability. Even if some frequency points are interfered, normal communication can be carried out on other undisturbed frequency points.


  • 9What is the North American frequency band?

    The frequency band of this module is the measurement frequency band of the national power grid. The performance is stable and reliable, the diffraction ability is good, the transmission distance is farther, and the anti-multipath attenuation effect is good.


  • 10The wireless serial port cannot communicate?

    1. The baud rate of the connected one-chip computer and the wireless serial port module must be the same;

    2. The air rate of the transceiver module must be the same; the baud rate of the transceiver module can be different;

    3. Please confirm that the single-chip TXD is connected to the wireless serial port RXD, and the single-chip RXD is connected to the wireless serial port TXD;

    4. If M0 and M1 are not used, please ground (ground is equal to low level), and can not be left floating;

    5. Only wireless serial modules of the same series can communicate with each other. For example, E32-TTL-100 and E32-TTL-1W can communicate with each other. E31 and E32 cannot communicate with each other.

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